TELE 1,2,3 OSD, Telemetry, Camera Control

Hello, Newbie. Here, I got Pixhwak 6c. I want to use tele 1 port for telemetry and Tele 2 port for OSD. Tele 3 Port for gimbal camera control. I am building quadcopter.
My camera is an SIYI a8 mini. OSD is holybro min OSD V2. which parameter should I change? Please let me know.

  • Telem1 is usually configured for Telemetry using MAV_0_CONFIG, so that should be ok. Just adjust the baudrate to what you want using SER_TEL1_BAUD.
  • What does you OSD talk? MAVLink? Otherwise try check the OSD params.
  • Port 3 will be MAVLink talking to the SIYI, however, I’m not sure if SIYI has published their firmware yet which supports MAVLink, so stay tuned for that one.

If you’re wondering how I connected the camera part to QGC, then have a look in my repo: GitHub - julianoes/siyi-a8-mini-camera-manager: Camera Manager for SIYI A8 mini for RPi based on MAVSDK

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I cannot find the OSD param. My firmware is 1.14.0.