Pixhawk 4 Mini with Telemetry and MinimOSD (MWOSD)

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My setup:
Pixhawk 4 Mini --> Latest stable (28.12.2020)
MinimOSD with MWOSD
Holybro Telemetry

The 6 Pin Telemetry wire connecting Tele1 with the Holybro SiK. I split (y-wire), the ground, the 5V and the Pixhwaks TX line to feed the Mini OSD

What I want:
The telemetry as OSD on my FPV goggles and on QGC via the Holybro telemetry.
Without a telemetry connection between QGC and the plane the OSD works.
As soon as I connect the radio and QGC via the QGC Comm Link Tab, the OSD loses any data after 1-3 seconds. (Zeros everything).

Additional Background information:
I had issues connecting the telemetry to QGC. Auto Connect isn’t working. Therefore, I needed to untik all auto connections (PX4 SiK Flow etc.) and manually add a com link. This didn’t work as well. Therefore, I needed to tik the enable flow control checkbox.
The SiK got the latest firmware from QGC (28.12.2020)

Questions: Is there a way to have a telemetry 2 on a px4 mini?
Shouldn’t it be possible to use this y-wire?
Why aren’t the SiK connecting without the flow control tik?

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