having a strange issue with SYS_AUTOSTART file reseting to 0 and erasing all every config file for radio,airframe,sensors, happens after powering off flight controller , not everytime and mostly after esc calibration , could a rapid power cycle choose this “example” if battery plug doesn’t always line up right and it touches rapidly a few times?

i am useing pixracerV1,windows10, Qgc, px4 master , pwm_rate 0 for oneshot mode

i chose a different airframe and issue disappeared

What was the difference? Are you still using onehot mode?

@dagar yes i still am useing oneshot mode pwm_rate 0
i was first trying the “luminier 5 arm airframe” and went to the “luminier 250 airframe” and the issue stopped ,i have no idea why this fixed it but it did ,now i am back to trying to figure out why it is flying unstable again, i am figuring it is a calibration issue cause when i ran it and then went back to the blheli suite and check the individual escs they were not calibrated evenly by a very large margin i also have been playing with the pid setting to try and stabilize it but i have not had alot of success, but have seen changes in flight attitude with change of pid values