ESC calibration finishes immediately when battery plugged in

I am a new user of the PX4 flight stack and QGroundControl. I’ve figured out all the setup and calibration except for the ESC calibration. I am working with an X Quad with a Pixhawk autopilot and 3dr power module. When goto settings>power>ESC Calibration (plugged in via USB) I get a message to that calibration will begin when battery is plugged in. However, the moment I plug in the battery, I get the message that the calibration is done, eventhough the motors never even twitched. I checked whether any changes were being made to PWM_MIN and PWM_MAX by setting them to unusual values and then running the ESC calibration again–the values were not changed. Anyone have any ideas what the problem is?

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Never did figure this out. Ended up having to use a separate pwm generator to find the thresholds for the ESCs and then manually set the PWM_MIN & _MAX in px4 parameters. It worked, but I’d like to be able to have the ESC calibration work. If anyone knows what could be going on, I’d appreciate your tips.

Same as yours, is this really a problem?

@Boss_Kwei, It’s only a problem for newbies like me that don’t know it doesn’t work. The first time I tried flying my quad, the default min PWM was high enough for the quad to lift off. I was in my backyard (with lots of trees) only intending to lift off and check hover stability. You can imagine my surprise when as soon as I armed it, it lifted off and flew up into one of the trees. It busted off the GPS and every prop before falling to the ground still buzzing furiously. Now I know that ESC Cal routine is not some clever new algorithm that figures out min and max output in a blink of an eye…so, yeah, I guess it’s not a problem. (And I now have the kill switch mapped).