OneShot ESC Calibration

Ok let me start by saying I am really in the dark with what appears to be a very good and capable flight controller. BUT and there is always a but. I have setup my 250 quad with a pixracer, which is running EMAX nano oneshot esc attached to emax MT2204 motors. I have set the pwm-max to 250, pwm-min to 125 and pwm-disarm to 100.

What is happening when I arm the board three of the four motors will start to spin and motor 1 remains stopped. at half throttle they are all spinning , not sure if they are at the same speed. the FC is in stabilized mode. When I shut the throttle motor one stops but the rest still spin at a fairly high RPM for a minute then slowly decelerate to a very slow spin.

Where can I get the data of what signals are being passed to the esc in short how do I go about trouble shooting this issue as I would really love to get my quad out and fly it before the winter arrives.


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You can view the commanded PWM values using QGC, or by looking at the log. Which airframe did you select?