Pixhawk clone losing calibration when powered off

I have bought a micropix (reduced size clone from banggood). At first, calibration is OK and everthing seems to be working fine, no drift while testing. I can even turn it off and on and it will correctly restart with no drift.
But when I leave it overnight and try to use it again the next day, the HUD goes completely crazy, turning several degrees per second ( >10º/s ) and I have no choice but to calibrate everthing again.

What could be the cause for this? Are the params stored in an eeprom (or maybe in a volatile memory)? I did not check if all the calibration params have kept their values, but at least some of them (the ones I input manually) have not changed.

Thanks in advance,


I have exactly the same issue, also with pixracer clone from banggood. It was working good for 3 months and now, it is losing calibration almost after every power off.

Have you resolved your problem?