Switching back and forth between offboard and unknown mode like crazy

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to use offboard mode with a raspberry pi and a pixhawk 2.1.

When I switch to offboard mode using a command from the pi, it seems to work and obey my commands, but on qgroundcontrol, it switches between offboard mode and unknown mode like 10 times per second forever, until I switch out of offboard mode. Sometimes it goes to unknown mode, sometimes to the last mode I was in (stabilise, acro), and if I start up or restart qgroundcontrol after I’m already in offboard mode, it goes between my last mode and “custom: 0x60000”

Does anybody know what’s going on here?


EDIT: I fixed it by changing airframe from 3DR Iris to generic quad x and redoing all the sensor calibration. I’m not sure if this fixed the problem because it doesn’t have all the iris predefined settings, or because it wiped many of the parameters, one of which may have been messed up. For instance, I had to redefine the flight modes and do radio calibration.