Switch to offboard/automission mode does not work

Hi there,

I am writing since I implemented all my stuff and thoroughly tested it in SITL with the PX4 firmware in Gazebo using ROS noetic. I checked the serial connection established when running roslaunch mavros px4.launch fcu_url:=/dev/ttyACM0:921600 which shows a healthy state. However, when I am then starting the Python offboard example provided here: MAVROS Offboard control example (Python) | PX4 Guide (main), I cannot really arm the drone and switch into offboard mode. My observations on QGC are that the FCU has no GPS lock for Vehicle. However, I changed the param COM_ARM_WO_GPS according to this post here: No GPS Lock for Vehicle. I am pretty new to this stuff and maybe I am missing a configuration of one parameter or so. I also uploaded my flight logs here: https://review.px4.io/plot_app?log=b4660b85-99f5-4873-aa1c-257ff5fda95a

Thanks a lot.