Changing vehicle on focus in QGC exits offboard mode


I have a Linux machine running Ubuntu 18.04 and I am using PX4 and Gazebo with ROS to simulate multi vehicle coordination. Also, I am using QGC as the ground station.

My question is quite straightforward. Is it possible to have all the vehicles in OFFBOARD mode at the same time?

What’s happening to me:
When I launch QGC with multi vehicles running in the simulation, a new dropdown bar appears. This bar allows me to select the vehicle I want to send inputs like changing the mode or define waypoints. I can also choose, through ROS if I want to enter OFFBOARD mode (only works when vehicle is armed and is receiving data from a publishing node). The problem is, if I do not have the vehicle selected in the dropdown bar, it won’t ever enter OFFBOARD mode and as soon as I choose another vehicle, it changes from OFFBOARD to RETUNR or HOLD.

Hope I made myself clear, ask me anything that might not have been the clearest. Thanks in advance.

Found a way to solve this issue, so far no problems with the solution implemented have occured.

By force changing the parameter NAV_RCL_ACT to 0 in QGC for every vehicle, it is now possible for all of them to enter OFFBOARD mode.