Sudden loss of throttle during the flight

Hi there !
I am here to ask some help because after a lot of tries, I still can’t understand why my ZMR 250 is behaving like this.
I have a pixracer controller, with CM703 DSMX receiver. The drone is flying really well, pretty stable, everything seems right. The issue is that regularly (but not very often though), the drone suddenly drops and sometimes hits the ground (depending on the height it is flying).
When I look at the logs, I can see the throttle goes at 0 during around 0.5 s. I can’t understand why !
I just bought a brand new TX16S because I had some doubt in my previous radio.

Now I suspect the receiver, but before I have to replace it, I wanted to ask what do you thing of that situation ?
You can see the logs here :

Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

Maybe I was not in the right category, so I just moved this topic.

Hi It seems RC Glitch issue.

You mean the receiver itself ?

Because I configured pixracer to hold in case of the RC fail, so it seems the receiver is sending valid information to the pixracer, and this information is sometimes… 0 !

I will order a new receiver and see if I have still the issue…

It seems there is no RC Fail. I mean receiver & transmitter set.
Actually, I am looking for an answer to reasons for RC Glitch. I have listed again that came to my mind for checking.

Good luck. If I find something I will share it with you.

Okay I see. I didn’t realized that a RC glitch within a mission could cause issues too.
I will try with the new receiver and let you know. Also, I will try with a capacitor in order to avoid sudden loss of power for the RC receiver.
I’ll let you know here my experiences.

FYI I received and installed my new receiver FrSky R-XSR. I flight today and I experienced no issue whatsoever.
I need to check on a longer period but I hope it solved the issue…

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