Problem During Mission Flight

Hi ,
During the mission flight, PX4 suddenly switched to manual control and an accident occurred. I checked my RC Throttle value , it seems on middle [0.5] . I don’t understand the error. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks .

Looks like there was a glitch in the flight mode RC switch.

Hi @bresch
I started the mission flight in Manual Switch Mode. I did not change the Flight Mode via RC Transmitter during mission.

This is the second time that is happening to me [Firmware 1.10.1 Stable Release Motor Disarm Issue in Flight]. The first was with the Spectrum DX9 Transmitter &satellite receive. Second case is Taranis X9D Transmitter & X8R Receiver.

What is the main reason for RC Glitch. What should I do and check ?

Thanks for your time and tips.