Strange behaviors after follow me mode

Hello all,

When I test follow me mode on SITL, I notice that the vehicle shows unexpected behaviors.

A. You can probably reproduce this issue for the following steps:

  1. make px4_sitl gazebo_typhoon_h480
  2. run this mission
  3. follow me mode
  4. hold mode
    —> the vehicle fails to stay at the same position during Hold mode. (flight log)

B. Another case can be reproduced for the following steps.
I have attached a video because triggering this case is kind of complicated.

  1. Set starting location
    export PX4_HOME_LAT=36.36996948
    export PX4_HOME_LON=138.556220
    export PX4_HOME_ALT=0
    export PX4_SIM_SPEED_FACTOR=8
  2. takeoff 50 meters
  3. “go to location”
  4. return mode
  5. when the vehicle returns to home position and decrease its altitude for Landing, firing “go to location”
  6. Increase throttle
  7. follow me
  8. return
    —> return mode is broken (the vehicle keeps floating in the air) (flight log)
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Hey there, I recently tried follow-me in the field and boy did the quad flip out…
Spazzing around incomprehensively, luckily I was ready to take it over.
I had pinned it down to inaccurate position information from the android device but this mode might just not be “there” yet entirely… ,)

Hi! Do you have the log of the flight? Otherwise, please try out the newly improved follow me mode that will be released with the upcoming PX4 v.1.13.0!