Standard vtol camera trigger

I want to active camera trigger in standard vtol.

Recently, standard vtol is not woring camera trigger.

so how to active camera trigger??

You can find the documentation of setting up camera triggers here: Camera Configuration | PX4 User Guide

I know what you mean. I watched and followed the user guide, but the pwm of the function depends on which Airframe I choose. For example, if you select standard vtol, the function is activated within px4 and commands are received, but pwm is not output from aux. However, if you select the vtol tiltsitter, it works without a problem.

@GriTRini Not sure if I understand what you mean. The camera trigger functionalities should not depend on the airframe config.

You need to configure the camera trigger pins through the control allocation GUI. Have you enabled control allocation for your setup? or are you still using the old mixer?

In Standard Vtol currently in px4 v1.13.0, the Camera Trigger does not work because AUX6 is not assigned. Looking at the code on the airframe side, the only thing that works is the Camera Trigger with BabyShark set mix_aux as pass. The solution was to download PX4 firmware in github, make a new gas assembly, and make it according to FC.

@GriTRini For the standard vtol and any airframe, you need to configure the camera yourself to get the camera trigger working