Standard Remote ID

With the FAA’s SID requirement 9 days away, is there a planned announcement on the progress of SID for both FC and QGC?

Not required for R&D drones, which is what are are.

Auterion has an implementation apparently. Do we know if they’re adding it to to the code base or if the community has a project in motion? Not everyone is R&D.


Seems to be some movement: (Remote ID) Fill out and publish open drone id messages, open drone ID preflight check by ThomasDebrunner · Pull Request #20036 · PX4/PX4-Autopilot · GitHub

Not sure why I didn’t see that. Thank you!

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UAS Remote Identification | Federal Aviation Administration (
There is no exception for “R&D drones”.
By Sept next year, if you have a registration number, you should be broadcasting RID.