Remote ID for Pixhawk/QGroundControl

Greetings. I have six custom drones running PX4 1.13.3, using QGC as ground control. They are all registered as Part 107 drones. I will shortly have to equip all of them with a remote ID module to meet the FAA’s Sept 16, 2023 deadline.
There are currently four products approved by FAA, and are available for sale. They all seem to operate completely independent of the drone control system and ground control station. However, there has to be some way to monitor the outgoing signals. Any thoughts about this? Will QGC be adding some functionality for this? I could use some direction from the developers and/or Auterion.


QGC supports Open Drone ID as defined by the MAVLink group here Open Drone ID Protocol · MAVLink Developer Guide

For more info on support at the QGC level you can start here

Good luck.