RemoteID Hardware


I was curious what RemoteID hardware is currently compatible with PX4. Most seem to be able to communicate on CAN and Serial, but was curious what people were using. Would be happy to type up some documentation to outline what hardware works and how to configure. Was going to order some anyways


There are a few, was wondering which ones worked with PX4

I know there is a few
Cube ID: Cube ID – IR-LOCK
DroneBeacon: DroneBeacon MAVLink db202mav standard RemoteID transponder - DroneScout
Dronetag BS: Dronetag Mini - Affordable Drone Remote Identification Add-On
mRo: mRo RemoteID


From @ryanjAA

So I have quite a few of the blue mark hardware. I’ve also sent it out to others to use on the r&d side. Mainly because when we started this they were the furthest ahead and could ship units to us to test. I do like it because it’s cheap and works but that said I like that the cube pilots are offered in can (blue mark are adding this iirc). Can is mainly because sometimes we use all 5 serial ports but they all do the same thing and are essentially made the same way. You could make your own in an afternoon and it would work on revision 1. It’s a simple design too since they’re running almost the same hardware setup - there are few differentiators but I liked blue mark bec they were willing to work with us really early on navigating what this will be before it was really set in stone.

Haha - reading that back here sounds like a total pitch! It really wasnt. Depending on your needs (end user, manufacturer, etc) different companies will be able to assist in different ways. They were first which gave them the lead (one of). Some changes to PX4 are not pushed yet, but thats easy if someone else wants to try and IIRC the changes to QGC are already in daily. Funny part about the PX4 side is it ended up only being 1 or 2 line changes.

@dirksavage88 ready to hit the button?

Hey, I’ve been busy working on a new project. The last time I tested the dronebeacon I could get it to publish to the open drone ID messages and it came up just fine in QGC.

When I looked, PX4’s dronecan dsdl submodule is a bit behind so no remote ID over CAN yet.

However, PX4 doesn’t have the module in place to prevent arming if the droneID module isn’t functioning…Here’s the link to my branch - github

I’ve thought about ways to implement this, maybe add a check to the Health and arming checks module here

I have seen custom versions have this as another setting. If true prevent arming if no ODID

Setting as in something user facing like a parameter?

What changes?

Do we know what params are set? What does QGC actually do - set params in PX4?, configure the beacon?? If so, which ones?
Is beacon just publishing, or can QGC show incoming info received from other beacons via PX4?