Remote ID Coordination - July 11th


First coordination meeting regarding Remote ID development efforts.



  • Not everyone has the 鈥榮erial number鈥, uncertain how we can enforce that?

  • Selecting Operator鈥檚 position (live vs takeoff position vs fixed), how should we go about that?

  • How do we verify that it is indeed Remote ID compliant?

  • Are there diagrams for what happens for different scenarios involving Remote ID (loss of connection, etc)

  • LOCATION message & heartbeat

The MAVLink components in the UAS involved in the drone ID MAVLink message exchange, must keep track of the HEARTBEAT MAVLink messages from the other MAVLink components. If the HEARTBEAT messages are not received within a required time interval, they must declare a malfunction of the Remote ID system and indicate this in the status field of the LOCATION message. This must also be indicated to the operator of the UAS.

Related PR: New PR is up trying to improve this? : 2 Hz OpenDroneID rate + unknown pressure altitude accuracy by n-snyder 路 Pull Request #21819 路 PX4/PX4-Autopilot 路 GitHub

Action Items

Encoding is done via this function: QString Class | Qt Core 6.5.1, here: Include support for Remote ID by Davidsastresas 路 Pull Request #10600 路 mavlink/qgroundcontrol 路 GitHub

  • Arming check: ARM_STATUS message is coming to/from the module

In first ODID prearm check PR didn鈥檛 include checking for ARM_STATUS message decoding, and arming authorization based on that. Related Hamish message: Add Open Drone ID arming check by katzfey 路 Pull Request #21652 路 PX4/PX4-Autopilot 路 GitHub

  • Clarify operator location reporting procedure

There鈥檚 complexity in having it set to EU, not resulting in error, but in other cases not, etc.

Comment by Andrew: Remote ID Development Coordination 路 Issue #21777 路 PX4/PX4-Autopilot 路 GitHub

  • Questions for regulatory personnel
  1. Can we transmit fixed operator location?
  2. Does the vehicle need to perform any action based on Remote ID status?


  • jnomikos: Testing on pixhawk 4 with Cube ID, Serial connection
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it looks like the FAA doesn鈥檛 explicitly mandate live operator location here Federal Register :: Request Access

The document you reference contains a requirement about the location of the ground station (see bolded requirements). I think we can assume it will have a live operator because that鈥檚 the best and safest way to monitor missions. Isn鈥檛 that the intent of this rule?

搂 89.305 Minimum message elements broadcast by standard remote identification unmanned aircraft.

A standard remote identification unmanned aircraft must be capable of broadcasting the following remote identification message elements:

(a) The identity of the unmanned aircraft, consisting of:

(1) A serial number assigned to the unmanned aircraft by the person responsible for the production of the standard remote identification unmanned aircraft; or

(2) A session ID.

(b) An indication of the latitude and longitude of the control station.

(c) An indication of the geometric altitude of the control station.

(d) An indication of the latitude and longitude of the unmanned aircraft.

(e) An indication of the geometric altitude of the unmanned aircraft.

(f) An indication of the velocity of the unmanned aircraft.

(g) A time mark identifying the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) time of applicability of a position source output.

(h) An indication of the emergency status of the unmanned aircraft