Splines in QGC

Hi all. is it possible to fly curves or Splines IN QGC?

ArduPilot firmware supports spline waypoints. Add a waypoint and then change to a spline waypoint. QGC won’t show the flight patch as a spline on the screen the vehicle will fly a spine path.

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Thank you for the reply Don. i am running a custom version of QGC 1.0.6. its for the Freefly Alta 8 pro. i have tried the above but it doesnt seem to work. is it because my version is too old?

Doesn’t seem to work how? You can’t plick a spline waypoint, or you did change to spline waypoints but the flight path didn’t fly a spline.

i changed to a spline weighpioint but in reality the airframe didnt fly the curve, i think it has something to do with the alta 8 pro custom firmware?

Then at that point QGC is not in control. May not be supported by firmware. You’d have to ask them.