Test follow me mode use SITL and QGC

I can fly a quad use simple SITL and communicate to QGC in one computer. After takeoff, I switch the flight mode to follow me and the quad flew towards to an unknown place. Just wonder to know how can I change the QGC’s GPS coordinates? Thanks!

You can’t manually do that.

On Android you can fake it in developer mode.

I assume you are talking about a tablet feature, not a QGC feature.

Yes, I’m talking about faking the location on Android itself, not specifically within QGC running on Android.

@takumi : I had the exact same doubt.

I am now simulating two drones using jmavsim. I have two drones on the same map and can control them individually through qGCS. I would like to know how can I get the second drone to follow the first one.

If I can’t change QGCs gps, maybe I can add a nsh command to change target gps in px4 firmware.

@aysh_shariff ,wow, interesting! How did you do that?

I used different system ids.

Could you tell me more about changing the target GPS ?


I replace the follow_target_topic.lat and follow_target_topic.lon in the function handle_message_follow_target(), not smart, but it seems work.

@takumi You replace it with ?

Do you hardcode the values?

I am trying to get the second drone follow the first one… It seems I need to send follow_target message from mavlink_messages.cpp… Do you have any idea on how to go about this ?