QGroundControl on Android and Follow Me mode

I can’t find follow me mode in Android and PC QGC, but it appear to be availanle at MissionPlanner at WINDOWS PC (but I dont have GPS module at PC), what am i doing wrong? Is it possible to enable FollowMe mode?

PX4, Copter V3.5.7 (b11c6af3)
QGC v3.5.4

You’re using ArduPilot (and quite an old version), so we should probably have this discussion at discuss.ardupilot.org
Two reasons for what you’re experiencing.

  1. Missionplanner uses an older method for follow that was never implemented in QGroundControl.
  2. A new follow mode was implemented in the Copter 3.6 release. I’ve never tested that with QGC but if it doesn’t “just work” it shouldn’t be too hard.

So basically you need to update your firmware or use Missionplanner

Thank you for an idea!

Just upgraded to Copter 3.6.10.
I Did not try outdoors, but connected to QGC indoor and I still do not see follow me mode, do i look in the right direction? or will it appear only on field?

This really needs to move to discuss.ardupilot.org

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I don’t understand , and the solution should be to change the firmware in ardupilot ?
Which firmware we need to use to be “supported” from QGC ?
And for example , FlowHod , why is not supported ?