My company is looking at Drones and now have some questions about QGC

Not quite sure what to say exactly, I have been speaking to multiple companies and QGC has come up multiple times and I am still left with some questions.

Unfortunately up until now my company has been using DJI M600Pros and so there are certain features and functions in the package as a whole that may or may not impede my understanding of QGC.

Primarily the two things that I am left wondering about is:

  1. How many Joystick configurations can be stored at one time (in case the operator uses a different
    layout for the throttle etc…) With DJI in Japan I can say there are three “modes”, so three choices to
    choose from.

  2. for Auto-flights we use a combination of Mission Planner (original) and Litchi. The reason for Litchi is
    that it allows us to modify our flight path with splines and lets us adjust speed mid flight. I have been
    repeatedly told that QGC does not allow for splines and I would need to use a serperate telemetry
    unit to upload mission plans made in Ardupilot (which allows for splines).

2 is far more important than 1, but is my understanding of the situation correct? QGC cannot use splines and there is no direct way to load a file into QGC directly that has splines in it (thereby eliminating having a second tablet or computer at the worksite).

Unforuntately the Lidar that my company uses is not quite as stable and so just using straight path lines is not always great for the kind of terrain that we operate in.

Any help or suggestionswould be greatly appreciated.