QGC 4.0 - removed channel 8 RSC

In the latest version of firmware (arducopter trad heli), with the latest QGC there is no longer an option to set channel 8 to throttle output so I can tie it to a knob. I rolled back to QGC 3.5.6 and it returned, but I had to re-flash the older firmware (arducopter-heli-stable-3.6.12) manually (which I dont like doing, I like QGC to find the fmuv2 version on its own as its safer than manual updates).

Is there any reason for this change and I missed the note somewhere? I cannot use arducopter without this ability and I tried to map it through the full param list but it didnt work. I left it on the older QGC and older firmware but ideally I would like to use the latest version.

Below is the version I am forced to use with the latest QGC and the missing option in ver4:

I’d ask the question in the ArduPilot forums. If I remember correctly I think the Heli support is only built to work with the newer 4.0 or above. There should be somewhere there that knows about that.

Wait, in looking at the parameter meta data for the H_RSC_MODE param that value no longer exists in the 4.0 firmwares. If it is supposed to that would be a firmware bug. The parameter meta data comes from the firmware.

Thanks Don, I figured it was a buggy but wasn’t 100% sure. How do you think I should go about reporting this bug (and to what forum thread)? Ardupilot still?

If there is one a Heli forum an ArduPilot. Ask them if the channel 8 support is supposed to be gone from the 4.0 release. You can here: https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/parameters.html that it’s gone as well. If it isn’t supposed to be gone the firmware has a bug in it’s parameter metadata for the H_RSC_MODE param.

Thanks Don, as you were replying, I opened a thread in discuss.ardupilot.org. I will report back here once I know the deal so anyone coming here can see the answer.

Thanks. I’ll need to know if the above is actually the problem which means QGC will need to update once they fix.