Spektrum receiver detecting 0 channels on Cube

I’m trying to connect a Spektrum DXe transmitter to an AR620 receiver on the Pixhawk Cube Black on Standard Carrier board. I can get the AR620 and DXe to bind and bring up a solid orange LED on both but I can’t get it to communicate with QGC. In QGC it’s setup as a Generic Quadcopter and updated to Firmware 1.10.1 with all default settings. In Radio, I click calibrate but get “Detected 0 channels”. I’ve also tried this with an AR610 but got the same results.

The Pixhawk is plugged in via USB as well as a 4S battery pack, though I’ve tried without the pack, too. The AR620 is plugged into the SPKT port. Since that port provides 3.3V and the AR620 datasheet says it needs 3.5-9V, I also tried creating a custom cable to get 5V from one of the Aux + pins, but that got the same “Detected 0 channels” error. I tried an SPM9745 which is rated for 3.3V, but that doesn’t do anything when I click “Spektrum Bind”, so that’s even less successful. Is there a different receiver I should try using or is this a configuration issue?


Hi @raidoh Welcome to the group!

I found this, not sure if this also applies to the 620, but it sounds like what you are seeing:

“If you want to use your Spektrum AR610 receiver you will have to purchase and use a PPM encoder to convert the AR610 receiver output to a PPM input for the Pixhawk.”
Read this:

The Spektrum manual really does not say, so I am thinking it is the same.

Worth further investigation.