Spektrum DX6i : cannot view all channels on QGC

Hello !
I have properly binded my receiver with the transmitter. It is just that I can operate only 5 channels via QGC. I need few more for safety. Please note am using stable version 1.8.1. I read many posts and many people recommended using the master version. However am skeptical whether it would change my tuned controller parameters. Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you !

  • What Rx are you using?
  • How many channels do you have connected to your PPM Encoder?
  • Do you have all available channels assigned in your Tx?

Good luck.

Hello @rollys !

  • Spektrum DSM

  • Am not using a PPM encoder

  • I do not know that

Thank you for helping !

Ok, I’m presuming that you’re connecting to a Pixhawk (series or family) flight controller. If you’re using a Spektrum DSM Rx, you need a PPM Encoder that will plugin to the RCIN of the Pixhawk. The number of channels you’ll have available will be about what your Rx has.

Good luck.

Thanks much @rollys ! I will order one !