Spektrum AR9020 and cube

Hi all
I am new to pixhawk and I am wondering if I can use my AR9020 RX and if so do I plug it into the SPKT socket on the pixhawk?

You can just plug in one of the sattelite rx from the 9020. (If you bind it first while using a bind plug on the 9020 you won’t have to bind from GCS.
You wont need the servo outputs of the 9020 as they will all be hooked to yr flight controller.

Hi Scott thanks for the reply. So if I have this right I bind the AR9020 to my DX18 with both satelites pliuged into the AR9020 then Plug one of the satelites into the SPKT then open mision planner and start the setup?

Yes, you will be left with your 9020 with a sattelite to use separately and you will have all channels into your flight controller where you go to radio setup to configure switching thresholds for multi position switches, and configure min and max values for sticks and sliders.
The satellite rx are full range receivers, but you will not have the multi path diversity that the 9020 offers. But this shouldn’t be a problem for normal rc range flight.
I use this method to manually fly takeoff and land, then i change to rtl or loiter while i connect my transmitter to usb cable where i then use the joystick function to continue controlling the model from GCS with a longer range link.
I disable the rc loss failsafe so that the controller doesn’t return the model as soon as i turn off the transmitter in flight

What kind of craft are you installing the flight controller into?

Hi Scott I am building a Hexsoon 450 drone with a pixhawk orange cube… Going about what you say once the RX is bound I do not need to connect it to the drone at all just the saterlite.
Thanks for your help

Hey Scott ad Bob,

I am having some trouble connecting spektrum receiver AR8010T or satellite 9645. I have bound them with my radio a DX8 G2. But when I attach them to the pixhawk it says it is not receiving any channel information.

Can you help me with your connections to the board? Or have set some parameter? Are you working in v1.10 or v1.11?