Solo with QGroundControl

I have access to a shared stock 3DR Solo (Pixhawk 2) and would like to use QGroundControl to plan and fly automated missions. Will I need to update ArduPilot to operate safely? Can I do this without a Green Cube? (I don’t have authorization to do that.)

It should “just work”, although you might not get access to all the Solo functions.
Connect the device running QGC to the solo wifi, then use UDP to connect QGC to the Solo.

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Thanks! I was able to plan and fly automated missions, but unable to trigger the camera (GoPro Hero 4 Black) to take photos at waypoints. When I downloaded the mission afterward, it had reset the camera dropdown from Take Photo to No Change. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?

I’m wondering if it might help to get an earlier version of QGC to go with the old ArduPilot, and if so what version of QGC I should try (with a stock Solo)?

You might be better asking about Solo specific stuff on the ArduPilot forum:

I will do that. Thanks for the suggestion!

did you got some answers?