Ardupilot with QGC issues

Hi all,

I heard many times I can use ardupilot firmware with QGC and I see the option to download it which means it works with QGC but when even I flash ardupilot the panel on the left that shows comms, joystick, flight mode, sensors….etc is not fully showing for some reason! Thus no connection can be establish to vehicle.

Am I missing something here?

I plan using AP because it has parameters not in px4 yet as far as I know like gps coordinates cloning and ability to share.

Any one can add and educate me in this?


Version of QGC you’ve got ?
Version of ardupilot ?

Keep in mind that QGC is a very complex application and in recent years only limited development has occurred. So not all features an latest upgrades are available.
You may have also noticed there hasn’t been an update to the Android version in years as well. - At least not on GooglePlay. - Only as a direct download. (I’m talking about the official version, not the current modified version that’s available)