Having a problem about QGroundControl No gps lock for vehicle

I am pretty new around here.I have a pixhawk 4 and using QGrounControl getting this ''No GPS lock for vehicle ‘’ error. I have tried getting it outside or trying another gps but ıt didn’t worked. I’m using the lastest version of Qground.I got a here gps which I rewired it for pixhawk 4.

Could you help me if you know anything about it.


That would have nothing to do with QGC. That would be a vehicle hardware problem.

These problem usually is related to the GPS module itself, you can try to attach it standalone to our PC with USB, and try a “cold start”, for example with Ublox GPS these procedure can be accomplished using u-center program.
The cold start will refresh the almanac (list of all satellites), and it’s the way i resolved the problem with mRo GPS module.

Hope it help.