PIXHAWK 2.1 Cube, Solo Camera API, Tower


I’ve been using PIXRACER for my drone with Tower app, and I now want to put a camera on my drone.
Then I realized that there are Solo Camera API. So, I’ve been looking around the PIXRACER, but I don’t see any port that would take analog input. Here goes my questions…

  1. Is Solo Camera API only used with PIXHAWK 2.1 Cube? connected through ADC port?
  2. If so, PIXRACER wouldn’t support Solo Camera?
  3. Or is ADC port used only for sonar for terrain?
  4. could you take a look at my prospective set up?
    gimbal control through I2C
    live camera view stream through ADC
    LIDAR connection through PWM
  5. If question 1 is correct, then I should be able to achieve above set up with either regular PIXHAWK or PIXHAWK with the cube, shouldn’t I?
  6. Lastly, is there anyone who has successfully receive RSSI data in Tower app? It seems like Radio status data is getting filtered somehow. I can see that it works with QGroundControl and Mission Planner. However, the Tower app, even with “IsMavlinkMessageExceptions” implemented to avoid sysid getting filtered out, is not displaying any radio data. I think AttributeEvent.Signal_Updated is not getting triggered.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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@Jerry, lots of questions, I don’t think many people have the knowledge to answer them, but I will try to point you in the right direction as best as I can.

Solo camera: What camera are you using?

The 3DR Solo shipped with two different cameras afaik, are you using the GoPro or the SiteScan camera R10C?

  • For the GoPro video pipeline, you can check out this link
  • for the R10C you are on your own, I don’t think 3DR or Sony made that API available.

I would like to point out that both cameras are controlled by the SoloLink (i.MX6) companion computer, and control/streaming happens there, here’s a brief architecture overview diagram for how the Solo works.

QGC & Mission Planner: I’m not sure about the current compatibility with either control station, but you should be able to connect to udp 14550 on (here’s a guide on how to connect to Solo)

I think you should probably be asking your questions to the Open Solo community, this is the best link I could find for them https://github.com/OpenSolo/documentation

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Thank you for the reply!

Solo camera: What camera are you using?

I’m have Eagle camera.
I didn’t realize Solo was different type of drone. I thought I could just use 3DR dronekit Solo java api if I have the cube.
I appreciate for the references as well.
Thank you!