Snapdragon Flight cannot get GPS lock

I follow this page for update Snapdragon Flight Linux image and ADSP firmware

And I follow this page for building and updating px4

After the update , Snapdragon Flight cannot get GPS lock (I use QGroundControl)

My Test Flow is:
1.Power on Snapdragon Flight. Starting the px4.
2.Laptop connect Snapdragon Flight wifi (SSID is Atlanticus_XXXXX)
3.Launch QGroundControl , it will connect to Snapdragon Flight automatically.
4.Wait for a moment. QGroundControl still show "No GPS Lock for Vehicle
5.And then PX4 print this message: “pxh> WARN [navigator] navigator: global position timeout” lately.

I have connect antenna on Snapdragon Flight J6 pin. Do I miss any setting?
The following image is the antenna .

Thanks for help.

Hey, did you ever find a solution to this? Connecting Ublox Neo M8N module to Pixracer I cannot get a single satellite count in QGC! Have left it outside for an hour plus - this has been the case for weeks now! Any suggestions?