GPS Error, No GPS Lock

Hi, I downloaded PX4 to my drone using QGC and I got some error on GPS.

So, I can fly it but cannot use return mode due to error in GPS.

Als, No GPS Lock for Vehicle signals on and I cannot get any GPS…

How can I solve this problem? I attached MAVLINK Console Log about GPS,

Hi Choky,

Which Pixhawk and GPS are you using?
Can you share the flight log link?

Are you sure the connections are all correct, and the environment you are in has GPS? (open environment without any metal structure over your head)

Which connections are you talking about Mr. Lim, I tried my gps outdoor but I got this error and my GPS is not blinking green also:
GPS : pixhawk4 gps module
controller: Holybro Durandal

nsh> gps status
INFO  [gps] Main GPS
INFO  [gps] protocol: UBX
INFO  [gps] status: OK, port: /dev/ttyS0, baudrate: 115200
INFO  [gps] sat info: disabled
INFO  [gps] rate reading: 		   697 B/s
INFO  [gps] rate position: 		  5.00 Hz
INFO  [gps] rate velocity: 		  5.00 Hz
INFO  [gps] rate publication:		  5.00 Hz
INFO  [gps] rate RTCM injection:	  0.00 Hz
	timestamp: 68572482  (0.195127 seconds ago)
	time_utc_usec: 1638864756799661
	device_id: 11010053 (Type: 0xA8, SERIAL:0 (0x00)) 
	lat: 410004809
	lon: 291825571
	alt: 179859
	alt_ellipsoid: 217397
	s_variance_m_s: 1000.0051
	c_variance_rad: 3.1416
	eph: 197087.1094
	epv: 139361.5469
	hdop: 99.9900
	vdop: 99.9900
	noise_per_ms: 95
	jamming_indicator: 6
	vel_m_s: 0.0000
	vel_n_m_s: 0.0000
	vel_e_m_s: 0.0000
	vel_d_m_s: 0.0000
	cog_rad: 0.0000
	timestamp_time_relative: 0
	heading: nan
	heading_offset: 0.0000
	automatic_gain_control: 1482
	fix_type: 0
	jamming_state: 0
	vel_ned_valid: False
	satellites_used: 0

Can you code a lua script from nut shell for the gps

Herelink Radio Telemtery ( Android version)
QGC platform
Px4 stack v1.12.3 with NuttX, v8.2.0 Os
Flight controller- CUBE Orange Pixhawk