No GPS Lock Found

Hi All,

I am using snapdragon_dev_board(eagle 8071/snapdragon801) having GPS: Telit Jupiter SE868 V2 module and a compatible external gps patch antenna connected with it.

snapdragon_dev_board is having Linux Linaro 14.04(preloaded) on top of it we have pushed PX4 and Flight_3.1.3.1_qcom_flight_controller_hexagon_sdk_add_on.

We have connected our Android Phone(Smart Shone) to the snapdragon_dev_board through WiFi HotSpot.
We have QGroundController(QGC) App in our SmartPhone.
We have launched the QGC App in our SmartPhone.
We have launched the following in the snapdragon_dev_board ./px4 mainapp.config
So px4 gets launched without any error.
And the PX4 flight stack/Vehicle gets connected successfully to the QGC running in our smart phone.

Its all fine upto here.
But my objective is to plan a mission using QGC and upload it to the UAV and fly it.
Everthing is Fine, all the sensors are well calibrated,ESC is also working fine.

The Only problem is QGC is showing “No GPS Lock found”.
If GPS is not found means QGC will not be able to lock the home position of the UAV and the UAV will not ARM and follow the mission uploaded by the QGC.

We have tried with an external GPS also “Ublox NEO-M8N High Precision GPS Built in Compass”.
The external GPS is also working fine Still we are getting the same problem in QGC “No GPS Lock found”.
And if we see in the GPS Icon in QGC It is showing GPS count=0.

So Can Any help me out. How to Solve the problem “No GPS Lock found”.

Parwana Shahdi

Do you have a flight log?

Did you try outdoors?

Hi i have this exact same issue. Can someone help

Please help in this regard!

This is really a annoying issue and there’s no any specific documentation regarding this “GPS lock issue”!


Is the pixhawk connected via both USB and radio when you see a GPS Lock error?

If so, try to disconnect the radio and update your software from the settings menu. Then restart the system and disconnect and reconnect the GPS cable. Hope to help …

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do you mean that If I don’t set up calibration of the RC , Will I have this gps issue?
Are they related each other?