No gps lock

I am trying to plan a mission and fly but while adding waypoint in qgc ans sending it to vehicle it says not yet ready for mission , no position lock

Hey, did you ever find a solution to this? Connecting Ublox Neo M8N module to Pixracer I cannot get a single satellite count in QGC! Have left it outside for an hour plus - this has been the case for weeks now! Any suggestions?

Yup, I got 4GPS count and 3d lock but still i am not able to send it to vehicle .it shows the same problem again “No position lock , not yet ready for mission”

I encountered the same situation with you, and for several weeks did not solve, do you solve it?or any suggestions?Thanks!

Same for me, after set up all and configured all parameters, cannot arm and fly.
So I see the LED shows flshing blue: no GPS lock.

Mine using generic quadcopter X airframe.