SITL: Quad-rotor VTOL with H8 configurations motors4-7 not spinning


Currently experimenting with the quad-rotor VTOL in SITL with gazebo. I tried the following steps:

  1. I modified the tailsittter.sdf to include 4 more motors in H configuration.
  2. Adding a new mixer geometry file
  3. Adding in the new H8 geometry file in quad_x_vtol.mix
  4. make px4_sitl gazebo_tailsitter

Only the first four motors are spinning in the gazebo. Checked the log file, all 8 channels are outputting the correct values shown as attached. Where should I check if the 8 controls are sent to the gazebo?

Can suggest what might be the reasons causing this? Thanks.

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The problem was solved. Need to put in the <control_channels> tags for the new motors as well.


Hi @Eric_Dong, I assume that <control_channels> you refer to the mavlink plugin in the sdf file? if that is correct, could you let me know what is the input index for each channel?