VTOL simulation with 8 motors

Hello everyone. I’m currently trying to model my 8-motor VTOL with Gazebo visualization. I have a problem, only 5 out of 8 motors work. When I arm my car, 3 motors immediately start to rotate, they think that they are set as ailerons. This does not change in any way when loading the mixer from octoplan_vthol_cox. Please tell me how can I solve this problem.
Here is a link to my sdf file on github. [airmedic/airmedic_new at main · kalchevds/airmedic · GitHub]

Thanks in advance.

Which PX4 version do you base on? And what kind of VTOL are you simulating?

I am based on version 1.12. I’m trying to simulate a Generic Octoplane VTOL (SYS_AUTOSTART=13050). I successfully made all 8 motors rotate by changing the parameters at this link [PX4-Autopilot/simulator_mavlink.cpp at 755eccbe60d335d06d8ecd18560b37dff4e1eff8 · PX4/PX4-Autopilot · GitHub] on
case MAV_TYPE_VTOL_RESERVED2: pos_thrust_motors_count = 9; is_fixed_wing = false; break;
But I’ve never made a transition before, so I can’t be sure I did it right. However, now I have encountered a problem that my VTOL does not behave adequately during takeoff and rolls over when it reaches 100% thrust, although with the same parameters I set in the simulation for standard_VTOL, everything works fine.
Maybe you can tell me what is the problem?
The calculation of the engines was made based on the data in this topic.
Thanks in advance.