Gazebo SITL for Tiltrotor UAV (Tricopter)

Hey guys !

Can someone guide me how to simulate a tiltrotor (series link) on Gazebo (SITL).

I have a tricopter with a rear motor on a tiltrotor (servo). I can’t get the back motor moving if the servo is commanded by a particular channel.

Do I have to change the plugin file to get this working? If yes, which part exactly ?

set channels in the following manner:

[1] - Front Right
[2] - Front Left
[3] - Back motor
[4] - servo

I have modified the init/ekf2/file to use the Y+ mixer file (Rest are same as IRIS file). In the SDF if I remove the channel 4, The all three main rotors arm properly. But when I add channel 4 for servo (Copied code from plane SDF), the back motor doesn’t arm (But the servo does though). Mind helping me out ?

Any input is welcome.