Gazebo SITL for coaxial octocopter configuration


Modifying the .sdf file of the typhoon_h480 gazebo model (changing the drone structure to have only 4 rotors) I’ve configurated it as quadrotor-x. I’ve had to change the channel of each rotor to have the right configuration and finally in worked well.

I’ve done it to test if I was be able to change the configuration properly, but what I actually want is to have an coaxial octocopter configuration. I redesigned the typhoon_h480 gazebo model to have 8 rotors in a coaxial octorotor disposition. I guess I did it well but it doesn’t works properly.

I’ve tested up and down motors separately as quadrotor configuration and the flight is stable but I cannot get a workable coaxial configuration.

Is there anybody who tried to do something similar with any other coaxial configuration in Gazebo SITL? What could I try to do to fix it?

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