Simulation of quadrirotor in hil mode with xplane

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to simulate a quadrirotor in hil mode with xplane simulator(imposed). The hardware target is pix32v5.
Xplane data are converted to mavlink message every 25ms.
2 messages are generated (hil_sensor and hil_gps).

Everything work fine, but after a certain delay (between 15s and 45s) after start sending xplane data ,
estimated angular speed(on 3 axis) diverge while oscillating and go Nan(visible in mavlink message attitude quaternion).
After that, flight controller enter in degraded mode.

I don’t understand why this divergence and i don’t know howto resolve this problem.

I have checked:

  • Sampling regularity of sensor data
  • Raw data arriving in the flight controller
  • Vibration metrics (<0.04ms)

Any suggestions?

I have resolved the problem by changing the following parameters
IMU_ACCEL_CUTOFF, IMU_DGYRO_CUTOFF and IMU_GYRO_CUTOFF to the following value: 50 Hz