Setting up a WiFi to QGC?

I’d like to set up a WIFI connection to QGC. Unfortunately there aren’t any instructions on how to do this. All the manual says is that it is possible.

Can someone help me to set this up?

I am new to this, but since you haven’t gotten a reply yet I’ll share what I “think” I know… First note that I’ve only done this on one PX4 build, and that was a custom/experimental design using a Teensy4.1 and similar IO as is used on the crazyflie. I used an ESP8266 for the drone side of the WiFi connection. The ESP8266 connects to the FMU processor over a UART connection, so the only other thing to do is run mavlink to connect to the /dev/ttySN port that is associated with that UART. For me, that command was: “mavlink start -d /dev/ttyS3 -b 921600 -m osd -r 40000”.

The ESP8266 sets up an access point and runs a server that is known to QGC, so the only other thing to do is to set up the system that is running QGC to be on the same SSID (default = PixRacer). With the QGC machine connected to the PixRacer SSID, QGC should “just connect” to your controller.

These details are specific to an ESP8266-based WiFi interface, but I believe the basic idea is similar regardless of the flight controller (anyone that reads this and knows better, please jump in and correct me).


Hi and Thanks for the reply. I see the 8266 boards for sale online so this may be a more popular method than first thought.

What I’m doing is building an antenna tracker using a Pixhawk controller. I use a TBS Crossfire system with a built in Wifi and Bluetooth connection from the radio module on the ground station. This will transmit all the telemetry information to a nearby computer so why not to a Wifi module connected to the Pixhawk antenna tracker? The only trouble is I haven’t been able to find much information on how to set this up.