Pixhawk 4 and the ESP8266 wifi mod

Hello everyone! Im new here and new to building aircraft.

I have read a whole heap of threads and I just cannot find the answer I’m searching for!!

I have a Pixhawk 4 FC connected to QGC. I have now connected a ESP8266 to Telem2, Im not picking up anything. In the tutorial it states to change SYS_COMPANION to 1921600, but that is no where to be found. how do I configure the Pixhawk 4 parameters to enable this to work?

Could someone please put this into some sort of logical step for me that would be fantastic. Thank you.

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Hello @Amotus

Which firmware you have flashed on ESP?

Hi, mwbb.
I had a similar problem. I tried to follow this telemetry example to check if I could connect to Qgroundcontrol, so that later maybe I could connect PX4 - ESP-01 < - > ESP-01 - Raspberry Pi, but I could not connect to the ESP-01 network from my Windows PC. I used the pre-build firmware that can be downloaded on the example site mentioned above. Is that the correct firmware?

Hello @mwbb, thanks for your reply. I believe I have flashed whats in the picture. I cannot see a WiFi network for this device to connect to.

I have managed to set the MAV_1_CONFIG to Telem2 (which I have the ESP8266 connected and also MAV_1_RATE

Hi @Amotus.
Did you also set up SER_TEL2_BAUD to the according baudrate according to the baudrate setup on ESP8266? Just asking, because I missed it the first time setting up telem2 port.

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Hello @Themaksiest
To be honest I’m not entirely sure I uploaded the firmware properly. I think I need to start from scratch! I will come back to it.
In the meantime I received 915 Holybro telemetry radio’s so I have been on with that for now. I took it out for a first flight or should I say first crash yesterday. It span out of control when I increased the throttle and flipped. So I am now trying to work out why!!!

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