Is it possible to connect with NodeMCU(ESP3822) and QgroundControl?

Hi there,
I would like to try to connect wifi and QGC.
Configuration environment is as below.

Wifi module : NodeMCU V1.3 ( ESP8266)
System : QGroundControl
H/W : Pixhawk4 Mini


  1. wifi module(nodeMcu) is connected to TELEM1 PORT of Pixhawk4 Mini.
  2. and also NodeMCU is flashed DroneBridge source code which is optimized for Pixracer.
  3. I checked wifi signal is On state so that I think the module is working.
  4. But I dont know how to configure wifi module in QGroundControl
  • Some QGC official web pages before, the left side tap in QGC, I could see the wifi tap, but it cannot be found in the recent version of QGC.
  1. Perhaps, in Application settings and Comm Links tap , the wifi configuration would be set , but I am not sure about it.

To be summarized,

  1. Anyone who has an experience in using NodeMCU(ESP8266) with QgroundControl ? Is It possible ?
  2. if possible, How i can configure the wifi setting in QgroundControl ?

Could you please give me any tips for configuring nodeMCU and Qgroundcontrol or Pixhawk4 mini ?

Thanks in advance.


Hey there.
Yeah it’s absolutely possible and even pretty simple.
Just follow this guide
I have it running on an ESPCAM32 even, just disconnected the camera and runs fine. ,)

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Thank you for your reply !

I also checked the page you mentioned, I think my NodeMCU V1.3 pin map is little bit different.
And the reference page, Tx and Rx pin is respectively 17,16. I don’t know why the pin number is valid related to the picture.

Do you have an idea ?

Thx !