Servo outputs at zero despite motors/servos moving during testing

Hi there! I’m quite new to drones and am currently putting together an Applied Aeronautics Albatross fixed-wing drone. I’m at the stage of testing the RC Transmitter - it pairs, but none of the flaps or the motor responds to any movement. I’ve successfully paired it with the transmitter, and my FC (mRo Control Zero H7) reads the inputs from the transmitter just fine when I check the Radio setup page (I’m using QGroundControl). However, these signals don’t move any of the servos or the motor.

I’ve been able to move each flap, aileron and the motor when testing it with ‘Motor Setup’, so I know that they are powered and connected, however, when I check MAVLink Inspector, SERVO_OUTPUT_RAW all show zero as the output value. Any help would be appreciated - and I may have many more questions as I begin learning about these things. Thank you!