Issues using a Servo

Hello everyone,
A team I am apart of is trying to build a drone that will perform an autonomous mission however we require a servo be actuated for this mission and this is where we are running into issues.

For context we are building a quadcopter using a Pixhawk 6C Mini running Px4 FMUv6C firmware. It seems like we may be missing some necessary parameters in QGroundControl such as as of the MAV_CMD_DO and all SERVO parameters. We also do not have any of the GRIPPER parameters.

We have tried setting the servo to be an actuator, both trying to use the RC_MAP_AUXn and none of them seem to get the servo to do anything. All of the motors for the quadcopter do work as we have full control over them using an RC Radio. This issue occurs in the unarmed state, armed state, and when pre-arm is set to always and disabled. Any help surrounding this issue would be greatly appreciated.