Serial Connection Problem

Hi, I used DronecodeSDK::add_serial_connection() and it returned a success message. However, when I tried .system().isconnected() it returns false and system_uuids().size() returns 0. What could be causing this problem? I am connecting to a pixhawk & Windows 10 for context.

The serial port is working fine on an older version of QGC, but it fails to work in the latest QGC (similar to Problem in connection with QGC - Access port cannot create) which I believe uses Dronecode?


connect: Success
[12:21:09|Debug] New: System ID: 1 Comp ID: 50 (…\dronecode\DronecodeSDK\core\dronecode_sdk_impl.cpp:292)
[12:21:09|Debug] Component Unsupported component added. (…\dronecode\DronecodeSDK\core\system_impl.cpp:339)
system_uuids().size(): 0

How are you connected? SiK Radio or direct USB?

Also I assum you installed the windows driver?

I am connecting directly by USB. I have installed the driver but I am not sure if it is the correct one. Downloaded from (

If you install QGC it will ask to install the driver if it is needed. I assume that is the same one that is on the QGC installer though.

This means the component ID chosen is not supported. If this is an autopilot, try using the component ID 1. You can set this using: MAV_COMP_ID to 1.

Component ID 1 stands for AUTOPILOT1, see:

Hi @JulianOes
How Change this parameter MAV_COMP_ID ?
i can not connect to qgc because change MAV_COMP_ID.