Rover FW newbie questions

Hi everyone, sorry for these questions but I’m pretty new to PX4 and I would like to use it for an UGV application (4WD skid-steering car) but I need to clearly understand the effort of this implementation.

I know that such questions in the main category are probably a little too specific / off - topic if so please address me to the correct category.

I have two main doubts:

  1. If I’m not using an RC receiver into my UGV is it possibile to control ‘manually’ the rover using joystick input trough a control station software such as QGroundControl?
    From the docs into it seems that ROVER firmware only support MISSION and MANUAL modes and MANUAL modes seems to be bound to RC use (but also every other NON automatic or SEMIAUTOMATIC modes seem bound to RC but I know that QGroundControl allows also to control drones trough joystick).

  2. I would like to avoid to use PWM as an input for motor drivers/servo: I prefer to use CAN bus or RS232 communication since RS232 ESC ports are probably not available on most PX4 boards I tought I may use CAN bus but I need to know how to manage the CAN ‘dialact’ of ESC being used in my UGV… do I need to write a custom firmware? Which code modules are involved/I need to modify?

Best regards,