DIY ROVER some Suggest and Problem

My hardware:

  1. cuav v5+ pixhawk
  2. cuav neo 2 gps (ubloxM8N)
  3. I2C sonar x4
  4. TOF lidar
  5. VL530x
  6. px4flow
    7.SIYI all in one camrea and data transmisson

My goal

1. Realize map track driving

2. Connect jetson ROS to realize autonomous driving(future)

1,The px4 document has very little introduction to Rover

2,How to realize the forward and backward of rover?

Because the model aircraft pwm output is 1000~2000,However, the throttle stick of the remote control is from 0 to 100.
So I don’t know how to make rover back

3,How to use multiple I2C sonars?

I prepared 4 I2C sonars and set 4 addresses 0xE0, 0xE2, 0xE4, 0xE6 respectively, when I connect 4 sonars to an i2c, pix can only recognize the sonar of 0xE0

4, How to connect and use px4flow?

I found that px4flow has 2 interfaces, serial and I2C, do I only need to connect the I2C interface? What is the use of serial port?
I can already connect px4flow to QGC using usb。

5,px4 has a compass, gps has a compass, how to configure it?

Because my Rover is very large, there is no way to install it and pick it up for compass calibration.
Then there is no way to fix the gps and pixhawk together and let them calibrate compass together

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There is no one reply on such a big forum

I was thinking the same thing. No I ever replies here including the devs. Ardupilot is better

Yeah! big discuss forum :slight_smile:

Did your try UGV frame, Traxxas Stampede VXL | PX4 User Guide?

Hi! Your post sparked my interest in imporving the documentation for the rover.

Here’s an initial PR that I created to give instruction on how to setup a rover, could you check it out and let me know if setting up the rover part goes smoothly?

Thanks for the post and sorry for having no one reply to you :frowning_face:

px4 doc only this page describe rover,i have seen

Just update latest FW and try airfame configurations as rover page suggested.

Anyway, it’ll NOT fall from the sky :slight_smile: , what do u think?

Any specific issue might be quickly settled, as u know there is NOT that much pages for rover.

I always thought ardupilot was old and autopilot was new. . . Also I remember that they used to be nuttx, now they have changed to chibios?

i want to use some sonar,rather than one。。but i cant find configure page in QGC ,only param DISTANCExxx. only id=1 .autopilot

Well, this QGC configure issue can open a new topic or maybe a PR is OK for the dev guys.

thank you for your help,I mainly have a few confusions.

1. How to add multiple I2C ultrasonics.

For example, I want to add 4 and place them in the four corners of the rover. Currently only 1 is recognized on the QGC, even if I set a different I2C address. I have seen the code of PX4, the I2C address is decremented from 0xE0 in the ultrasonic MB1242.

2,How to achieve forward and backward?

because Rover different UAV,need have some describe