PX4 powering ground based vehicles

Is PX4 capable of power ground based vehicles like Ardurover is or is there any plans to support that in the future? If the answer to both those questions is no, then is it possible to control ROS based ground vehicles through QGC?

Any help here?"…

If you start QGroundControl and configure the airframe, you will find a rover config which works with MAVROS. What exact use case are you trying to support?

Any changes in the Rover front?
I’d be interested in being able to use QGC to set waypoints and missions for a Rover running PX4 without having to go thru MAVROS.

Has anyone made a PX4 based controller for the rover ?

I was hoping to be able to use that as a base for a Boat that would be able to go to a given waypoint/waypoints and hold position there ( against wind and current)

This should work out of the box, isn’t it?

As Justin did not come back, I guess configuring the frame worked for him.

Thanks AlexisTM

The default rover implementation (axial racing_ax10 ) requires MAVROS, i.e. there is no actual controller enabled.

Having said that in it’s rc.xxx_apps file there is a controller commented out.

This is the relevant part of the file

# disabled the start of steering control app due to use of offboard mode only
# rover_steering_control start

I’ll give it a try, however as it’s defined in the src/examples folders it makes me wonder if its just a shell…

Do you know if it’s a working controller?