Rover circling in auto mode, spinning in RTH

Hi, I am Werner from Germany, 67 yrs old.

Since some years I built and fly copters with APM and Pixhawk and all this worked fine.

But now the Rover make me confused.
I used ardurover 4.0, now I flashed to 3.5.2

All is calibrated and RC is ok.
I had to change rc_map 1 and 4 (roll and yaw)
And I tried to reverse roll too
I have no errors in MP flash logs.

But ---- The Rover circling in auto mode, spinning in RTH, circling in guided.

Maybe someone can help me ?

Hi Werner, this forum is for PX4 users. However, you mention using ArduRover/APM so probably the guys in the ArduPilot forum are better able to help you:

Thanks very much Julian

On the Rover there is a Pix lite