Roll Rate Graph Doesn't Show Response

Hi all,

When tuning the PID, no response values are shown on the roll rate graph. I’m waiting for your answers as to what will cause this.

Thanks in advance,

We saw the same when trying to tune a octorotor approx 1-2 months ago.
The version combo was then PX4 1.9.2 and qgc 3.5.0 - Could it be something that has happened after PX4 decided to modify the mavlink messages they send, based on the “mav_*_config” ?

If that is the case, then perhaps it also would make sense to have a “mav_*_config” specific to tuning, so that we maximize the rate of messages sent that are important to us while tuning.

Ended up having to tune offline by using the px4 log review and step-response analysers - Takes more time, but atleast its doable.

Maybe this problem occur because of your flight controller.

We saw the same when tuning a multicopter with pixhawk 2.4.8 which is fa fake product.

We tried with Pixhawk4, response values showed in the graph.