They're shaking and flying during a mission flight

In Stabilize mode, we were able to fly perfectly.
So I finished the pid tune.
I did a mission flight right away.
But the path is not a problem.
As you move to the next waypoint, the drone is rattled.
The drone is 1000mm quadcopter.
No matter how hard I try to tune MPC, nothing changes.
Is it a PID TUNE problem in this way?
Please give me feedback.

@MaEtUgR would you mind having a look? Thx.

@JAEPIL_YOO From the log, it seems that the rate controller is overtuned. It is not the MPC(Multicopter Position Controller) but the rate controller - try tuning MC_ROLLRATE_ MC_PITCHRATE_ parameters

Can you tell me which part of the log you are saying is overtuned?

@JAEPIL_YOO As you can see in the angular rate plots such as this, you can see that the vehicle is unable to track the setpoints properly and overshooting quite a bit.

Also the vibration metrics show that there is quite some vibration in the airframe.

This documentation can be useful for you for analyzing the logs

In most cases, do you adjust the I GAIN?
It was very immediate and problem-free in manual mode.